Colorado Mortgage Interest Rate Advice for Week of Feb 17, 2014

Last Week’s Mortgage Rate Recap

Mortgage Rates Currently Trending: SLIGHTLY HIGHER

adjustable-rate-mortgageLast week saw rates worsen slightly, with the MBS (mortgage-backed securities) market ending the week -82 basis points worse than we started.  By far, the biggest event that impacted mortgage rates was new Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s first time up in front of the House Financial Services Committee. Her prepared statement was released ahead of her testimony. As a result, MBS sold off as her statement made it clear that she would support the “continuality” of the Fed’s programs and direction. Keep in mind that she was a major contributor to many (if not all) of the Fed’s decisions under Bernanke as she was Vice Chair and a major player. She was never listed on the rolls as a dissenting vote and the markets misconception that she would be more “dovish” (to bonds anyway) has proven to be wrong.

This Week’s Mortgage Rate Forecast

Mortgage Rates Forecast: NEUTRAL

This week the market finds itself in a pattern that is neither bullish nor bearish.  The best thing to do this week is stay closely tuned to the market in real time to watch for a change to either position.

BOTTOM LINE: You should talk to your Mortgage Loan Professional this week to weigh the possible benefits of floating your interest rate or locking in, based on your unique scenario.  If you have time before you are closing a loan, don’t let the volatility this week scare you as we will likely end the week within the very tight trading range that we find ourselves in, meaning mortgage rates won’t really move one way or the other as part of a larger trend.

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Loan Professionsals that subscribe to RateAlert Executive services have the training and market knowledge at their fingertips, along with live trading data during market hours to expertly help navigate the difficult and often times confusing process of understanding rate movements and which factors may cause volatility when considering whether or not to lock.

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