Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution by Building a Home Gym

Every January  many make the promise to themselves, that they are going to exercise more, however, a lot end up giving up in just a matter of months, and essentially get nowhere with their intentions.  The fact is that it takes a great deal of commitment to make it to the gym before work or have the energy to go afterward, and if your a parent, this commitment becomes even more difficult to stick to.

So this year, maybe don’t try to make a New Year’s resolution, that carries such a high failure rate, and instead, set yourself up for success by making things easier this year, and build your very own home gym.

Choose an Ideal Space

To get off to the best start, choose an entire room to dedicate to your new home gym. This insures that you can close and/or even the door, crank up your favorite workout music, block out all the distracting noise from children or significant others, and simply focus on you and your activities.

If you lack the luxury of having an entire room to convert, a section of your garage or basement will also work, as long as there’s enough additional space for a set of weights, a mat, a bench, cardio machine, or any other equipment you want or need.

Prep the Area

To make your workout area most effective, plan on putting down a rubberized floor, especially if you’re in a basement or garage with concrete surfaces. You can find foot-by-foot interlocking squares very inexpensively at any local retailer.  Then don’t forget to hang a large mirror, or multiple mirrors, as it’s important that you have the ability to watch your form, especially when lifting weights, and of course to practice your flexing for the bodybuilding competition your sculpting yourself for, and if you want more than just a simple iPod and docking station that will play music, you can always put in a stereo system.  Lastly, you may want to setup a TV and DVD or Blu Ray player for those times when you want to incorporate some instructional videos into our workout.

Figure out How Much to Spend on Cardio Equipment

For those of you who want to go all out, and have the extra funds to do so, then purchasing Cardio Equipment is one of the better investments you can make for your home gym.  A treadmill or bike is perfect for those days when your crunched for time, or when you maybe too sore from the last time you threw the weights around.  Of course, if you compete in marathons, biking events, or other like competitions/events, then having this specific equipment, may even be more important that having a weight set.  Other Cardio Equipment you can chose from are elliptical machines and stair-steppers.

For those of you who don’t have the extra funds to tweak out your home gym with this higher end equipment, then good old jump rope, and/or run around the block will suffice, and get you where you need to be cardio-wise.

Deciding on Your Weights

You can go with a simple set of dumbbells, or step it up with a barbell weight system, or go a bit further and opt for resistance pulleys, but regardless, just make sure you get a bench, so you can vary your lifting routine and properly stabilize yourself for certain exercises.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are great for a host of reasons, from padding your knees, hands and back when doing abs and stretching to actually practicing yoga.

Many people don’t take the time to stretch after a workout, but it’s extremely important in order to improve flexibility, correct posture and prevent injuries. If you create a defined are to limber up, then it’s more likely to become a regular part of your routine.

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